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Standard PHG: Beatrice, 21, Rumänien

Nationality / languages: Romanian from Constanta / Italian and romanian, neither english nor german
Age: 21 years old
Face: Particular, pretty GND, fresh and charming smile, steel blue eyes
Hair: Brown
Size: Average
Chest: Very nice, typical post-teeny
Silhouette / body: Pretty natural GND, 0 flaws
Tattoos - Piercings: Nothing
Blowjob: Yes, as a beginner
Cunnilingus: Yes, she enjoys it
Kiss: Yes, unrestrained at first, but eventually lose momentum and stay on a more professional mode
General: 2nd day in a saunaclub, 1 year experience in a brothel in Verona(Italy).
Chosen to her obvious freshness, but she lacks a bit of dimension to be repeated or even recommended.
Good spirit roughly, smiling at me every time we crossed.
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