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She's probably romanian.
Blonde, 25 yo, hot body, 165 cm and more, Nicolas and some stars tattooed on her shoulder and her back.

Promised me ZK and good sex. First hint of scam : she wanted to go take the key while I was brushing my teeth. I said no, you take it when I come back.
In the room the beginning was OK. Then she tried to avoid my kisses, and asked me to fuck her harder (to come faster I guess). I asked her to come on top, she said no. She tried a miserable HJ then said "finish yourself there are 7 minutes left". I replied : are you joking ? There are 10 minutes left (I always use a timer) and it's your job to make me come. She said no, you're arrogant. I replied : you're the one who is arrogant. I stayed in the room until 28 minutes because there was no way I would give her some free time, paid her (no goodbye kiss) and was so pissed off I decided to leave to Acapulco because they just told me one of the girls I like was here. I told Hedy the sweet hungarian girl what's happened and she was not surprised. At the reception when the lady asked if everything was OK, I answered no and explained. She was truly sorry about this, she said she can't check all the girls but will talk to her and gave me a free entrance. So I left to Aca and met two very sweet and honest girls. I should have gone with Georgiana instead of this little scammer. I really hope she get fired.
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