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She was Delia in Heaven 7. She has mid long dark hairs and 1m65, C cup and brown eyes, a little bit chubby. I had kept a quite good souvenir of my session with her in Heaven 7. I tried again the experience with her and she became « so so – average » after having been good. She is now more professional in the bad sense of the word and more mechanical, everything was more basic. No natural reactions anymore, no spasms anymore : in H7 i was with a woman in the room but in PHG i was with a professional who fulfills her work for whom the service has decreased of 2 or 3 levels. She kisses not badly but moderately. She does it during the foreplays but almost anymore then. She was playful but now she is not anymore. She is not much active. Not distant and keeping closeness but without caressing or embracing much. I didn’t lick her pussy.

The blowjob could be better and remains so so with a lack of vigour. She moves quite well especially in cow girl despite her morphology. With energy but sometimes mechanically. She checks regularly if the condom does not slide during the doggy with her hand. I kept my cartridge and didn’t evacuate my white cream.
Pity that her evolution is going on the bad way. The service is not bad but limited and became neutral and much less natural and complete than before. Few initiatives but this is not a new thing. She does the job in the rules, nothing more, without significant or attractive point.


No after sales talk.
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