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The breakfast was especially good since they had some "brunch" operation. Muffins, cookies, and one lady was cooking pancakes (not like canadian pancakes, more like french "crepes") I still paid 38 euros for happy hour with bathrobe.

The LU was bigger than in July. I heard someone calling "Erika" but I didn't get who was the girl. Tia was here. Dea wasn't. I don't know the other girls, but they have some new slim ones.

First session with Nina, 22 yo romanian. Hot body, perfect see boobs, slim waist, black hair. She worked 1,5 years in Ulm. Rather small, no tatoos. Was very cuddly during the ST. Speaks only german.

In the room, kind of pushy with the time. If iI remember well she asked how long I would stay. She kisses, but the BJ was quick and I couldn't lick her since she wanted to fuck rather quickly. During the sex, "baby you have 10 minutes left". According to my watch, 15. She rode me CG and I came before the 20 minutes mark. And she wanted to leave because I had finished! I tried to earn some time, but she was not in the mood for post coitus cuddles so we left. When I saw her later, she proposed some 1-hour fun with a big smile. I probably won't repeat.

Then another one with Alice. Still the same, she delivers a good service, nothing stellar but a solid performance. For personal reasons I was not in the mood for trying another girl but some of them were really attractive.

I stayed a long moment with Lavinia in my arms who was really disappointed and sad because she hadn't made one single room. In other circumstances, I would have picked her but I was really feeling down so I let her (with a little present for the time she spent with me). The lunch food was as usual, a little strange.
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