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Lächeln GT pause

Last wednesday, i was boring at home ... at 12 o'clock i was in front of the doors of GT

Usual shower, breakfast outside where Liz immediately welcomed me warmly, happy new year etc i think that she likes me

Back inside, i was enjoying a few drinks at the bar and of course simply looked around me all the girls, i could be interested to go with many girls and when Lorena came and talked to me, i could not resist any longer, she promised everything even if i did not ask anything about her service

Her face is beautiful and her body really great, thin but unfortunatly fake tits, i did not notice at first ... never mind, she performed a lot of good french kisses along the session, blowjob was very good then licking but it was too much short, she seems to be very sensitive, so she quickly asked for sex, over me then missionary and doggy, holy fuck, i could not resist very much on that position, her little butt is really too much exciting, good session with Lorena but if only she was a little bit less "speed" then it could have been even greater with her in the room, i think so ...

I then simply enjoyed drinks and meals in the afternoon and evening, Liz often came and talked to me but sorry i am not really a lover and only wanted to try new girls ...

and in the evening, i decided to go and speak to Cora, a colleague of mine recommended me to her in my last visit, so it was her time now she immediately was very friendly with me, lovely smile and great body

In the room, she only began with soft kisses, many of them everytime but unfortunatly never with the tongue, she was totally wet when i carressed her pussy then the blowjob was excellent, then she came over me and moved so well, i almost came immediately ! i had to stop her ... then on doggy, same story, i was only focusing hardly because i was everytime on the edge to come but i stopped and asked her for finish with blowjob, her technique was so good, i almost died of pleasure

I did not stay late in GT and left early, many people for a wednesday and also many girls fortunatly, i almost could have been interested to go for a third time but i decided to be reasonable and keep energy for another visit ... tomorrow may be in another club in the area

That's all Folks !

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